Replacing the Main Propeller


A main propeller blade may need to be replaced if it is chipped, cracked, or damaged in any way. A damaged blade will cause a buffeting noise and high vibration. A vibration warning may be triggered in flight depending on the extent of damage. The propeller blades do not need to be replaced as pairs. If one blade is damaged and the other is not, you may replace just the individual blade.

Lynx VTOL uses a aero-naut CAMcarbon 15x10 propeller for the main propeller.

Tools Needed: crescent wrench, flathead screwdriver

To replace a blade:

  1. Disconnect the batteries from the aircraft.
  2. Remove the screw and locknut holding the damaged blade to the spinner.
  3. Replace the damaged propeller blade with a new one and ensure the new blade faces the correct way (text forward).
  4. Reinstall the new blade with the same screw and lock nut. Tighten the screw down finger tight. The new blades should not flop back and forth, yet hold its position with a small amount of friction.

    Warning: Installing a propeller blade on backwards will cause extremely high vibration and will not effectively product thrust. This may damage the motor, motor mount, and/or aircraft.

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