Getting Logs

If you have an incident with the aircraft please provide all the relevant log files. These logs are needed to assess what went wrong, and providing them allows support to resolve problems quickly.

Swift GCS Logs

Swift GCS automatically keeps two forms of logs. An internal log, and a telemetry log (TLOG). Both logs should be provided together to support. The logs can be found in the following locations:

Operating System Log Directory
Windows %userprofile%/.swiftgcs/logs
Linux ~/.swiftgcs/logs

In SwiftGCS 0.7.0 and newer there is a View Logs button that can be found in Settings tab ⇨ GCS which will open the file browser to the folder where logs can be found.

The GCS log will be named by the date with a .log extension. The TLOG will have a longer time stamp, and there is a new file every time the GCS connects to an aircraft. If you are unsure which log file is correct, sending multiple log files is fine.

Autopilot Logs

The autopilot automatically records and stores many parameters of the flight. This log file is essential for determining what the autopilot was doing and why. These logs can be found on the micro SD card in the autopilot.


To download the autopilot log, simply remove the SD card from the autopilot, open it on any computer to find the APM/LOGS folder. This folder will contain the log files from the autopilot. Typically, the log you would be looking for is the most recent log file, which will be the highest number. If not you can try looking at the size and date created to determine which one you need, or LASTLOG.TXT to find the number of the most recent log file. Copy the .bin file from the micro SD card and send to Do not forget to reinsert the micro SD card back into the autopilot.

GPS Logs

The GPS saves logs to an internal SD card. These can be needed for both incident review, or PPK tagging. These logs can be found on the GPS SD card, or can be pulled over the GPS USB-C connector.


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