Date             Change
2020-06-02 Update cleaning and storage section, add 'Cleaning a VTOL Motor' section for removing ferrous dust
2020-05-20 Update the low battery warning description
2020-05-20 Simplify the flight mode tables
2020-05-19 Add SB-002, and update VTOL battery storage information
2020-05-19 Update references to the Layers button to be the Map button
2020-05-19 Added battery prearm errors
2020-05-19 Add internal errors to the list of warnings
2019-11-18 Fix errors with spare hardware included
2019-11-12 Add high temperature warning
2019-11-12 Add geofence failsafes
2019-11-12 Update the LED meanings for SwiftGCS 0.8.0 release
2019-11-12 Remove the check of the staibaltor arm
2019-11-08 Add instructions for reconnecting while in flight
2019-11-08 Add instructions on how to use the simulator
2019-11-08 Add instructions for reconnecting while in flight
2019-11-05 Add standard and multispectral payloads
2019-11-05 Add the tagging procedures for normal and PPK tagging
2019-11-05 Split the flight modes page into a seperate page describing the modes, and one on how to change the modes
2019-09-04 Fix custom payload listing a fuse on the autopilot power line
2019-09-04 Fix incorrect dimensions shown on custom payload page
2019-08-14 Update warnings pages to handle GPS loss better
2019-08-08 Document the View Logs button for SwiftGCS 0.7.0 and newer
2019-08-08 Add this changelog
2019-08-08 Add links to the appropriate replacement propellers
2019-08-07 Update the camera settings description and image
2019-08-07 Fixed the status LED color list not indicating what solid blue meant
2019-08-05 A number of small grammar improvements
2019-08-05 Improved the photos for assembly, the flight modes, and labelled the transition and approach altitudes on the landing images
2019-08-05 Improved the GCS overview page, and changed where it was in the navigation bar
2019-08-05 Significant overhaul of the flight modes descriptions, added other flight modes people may use
2019-07-01 Update battery charging information, and add documention on how to properly store the batteries
2019-06-11 Point out on the preflight that the GCS will automatically check if the vehicle firmware should be updated on initial connection
2019-06-11 Add instructions on how to do a firmware update
2019-06-11 Fix incorrect numbering and indentation on the propeller maintenance pages
2019-06-11 Update the package contents to match currently shipping systems
2019-05-20 Fixed an incorrect part number being listed for payload connector in custom payloads
2019-05-06 Update the photos of the case, and the VTOL propeller replacement images
2019-05-05 Fix some spelling errors
2019-02-11 Fix some spelling errors
2019-02-11 Ensure the landing checklist matches the GCS landing checklist

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